Macro Imaging

High-resolution digital imaging is a critical component of sample documentation, whether for the creation of visual aids or the analysis of fine-scale features. I use an array of devices from digital cameras to flatbed scanners to collect publication-ready images of hand sample-sized geological specimens.

Digital scans of stalagmites from Buckeye Creek Cave, WV, and Spring Valley Caverns, MN.

Imagery published in:

Alexander, E.C., Jr., Kracher, A., Wasson, J.T., von der Handt, A., 2015. The Minnesota Meteorite Mystery: Two Unrelated Very Flat Irons. Poster. Abs. 5231, sess. 306, 2015 Meteoritical Society Meeting, Berkeley, CA.

Bourne, M.D., Feinberg, J.M., Strauss, B.E., Hardt, B., Edwards, R.L., Cheng, H., Rowe, H.D., Springer, G., 2015. Long-term changes in precipitation recorded by magnetic minerals in speleothems. Geology, 43(7), 595-598.

Strauss, B.E., Strehlau, J.H., Lascu, I., Dorale, J.A., Feinberg, J.M., and Penn, R.L., 2013. The origin of magnetic remanence in stalagmites: Observations from electron microscopy and rock magnetism. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

Digital scan of a stromatolite.

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