Rock Magnetism User Guides

As the manager of the Rutgers Paleomagnetism Laboratory from 2016-2017, I developed a set of user guides for rock and paleomagnetic instrumentation. These guides are intended as a supplement to in-person training, especially for users at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Please use, alter, and distribute these guides as you wish, with credit to Beck Strauss and the Rutgers Paleomagnetism Laboratory. Contact me via email at beck.e.strauss [at] gmail [dot] com or via Twitter (@beckestrauss) for modifiable versions and help adapting them to your own lab.

2G RAPID Superconducting Rock Magnetometer

Kappabridge KLY-2 Susceptibility Meter

  • Kappabridge User Guide
    • Includes calibration, offline operation, and running AGICO’s software on a DOS emulator

MicroMag 2900 AGM Magnetometer

  • AGFM User Guide
    • Includes sample probe loading and unloading, data collection, probe cleaning, and calibration

(Thank you to my beta tester, grad student Christina Verhagen of the Rutgers Paleomagnetism Laboratory.)

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